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Today’s letter is J, and J is for journeys with J.K. Rowling. I have always loved books and reading, however along with this I have a less well known love for audiobooks! When I was little I had LOADS of stories on tape (do you remember having to turn a tape, or wind it on?!), I used to listen to them as I went to sleep, while I played in my room and best of all in the car. For years and years as we traveled up and down the country some of my favourite characters would come too; Moonface and Pixie in The Magic Faraway Tree, Sophie who wanted to be a lady farmer, Triffic the pig, and of course Harry, Ron and Hermione.

The Harry Potter books, written by J.K. Rowling but read by Stephen Fry, were some of the most wonderful books to listen to. Stephen Fry reads perfectly, he has such animation and enthusiasm, but isn’t overpowering and still allows your imagination to do the work. I listened to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone until I could almost read along with him and the tapes were worn out. The later books we had on CD and they brought hours of pleasure to car journeys – there was less of the ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and more of ‘can we drive round for a little longer?!’ We used to joke that when my mum and I fell asleep in the car (inevitable!) it would just be my dad and Harry driving us the rest of the way – I’m not sure what this did for his street cred, we should probably keep it on the down-low! The best books were always saved for long journeys, but if it was really, really good I could be found sat in the car in the driveway until it reached a point were I could leave.

Recently I seem to have re-found audiobooks, not that I ever really left them, but in a different form. has to be the best invention. You can download almost any book you fancy, have it on your ipod, and while everyone else in the world thinks you are just chillin’ with your music on, secretly the geek inside me is on some adventure somewhere far far away!