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I had a text from my mum this morning telling me about the inspirational people she had bumped into while she was in our local town this morning. She asked if I had a theme for my ‘d’ blog today as these amazing people were walking from Dover to Carlisle…the kind of challenge that is right up her street (any excuse to do something slightly crazy for a good cause)!! To my delight they also have a blog you can look at and so I asked her to write me a little piece about them, here is what she had to say…

“I was just walking back to the car when I saw a lady checking her map, it always takes me right back to being lost somewhere between John O’Groats and Lands End and so I stopped to ask where she was headed. I didn’t expect her to say Carlisle! It transpired that John and Nancy are walking from Dover to Carlisle to raise money for a Christian Aid Project, Transforming Women’s Lives in Afghanistan through education and community development. What an inspirational team they are, they have a blog too, so not only are they walking every day, Nancy also takes time to write and share their adventures.”

Their blog is definitely worth a look, here is the link. Have a read of their adventures, maybe you can help them towards their cause, and if you live somewhere else along their route you absolutely must keep an eye out for them. Good luck John and Nancy!