Sometimes the country girl inside me comes to the forefront with such vigour that I don’t quite know what to do with her.  I am the girl who lives down the muddy single track lane, who wears her wellies EVERYWHERE, who looks out of the window to watch the cows parade past the house twice a day, who is late for school because she has been waiting for the cows to finish crossing the road, who has to undress at the front door because she has been scrubbing maggots out of the wool of Rosie the sheep, who loves to pick cow parsley from the hedge row and blabber on about how it is made up of so many tiny flowers…

There was a reason that I found myself at university in Aberdeen, 500 miles away from home, and (along with the philosophy department being pretty good) that was because there were things I noticed that reminded me of home.  I fell in love with the beach and that you can jump on the train and be out of the city in 5 minutes.  People pootle and smile, they don’t rush straight by.  I love that you can see every season in one day, and that sometimes the city feels like an extra large seaside town and only the  presence of a cathedral prevents it from being just that.  But I did struggle with the big-ness of Aberdeen to begin with, I remember my flatmates in halls laughing at me the very first time we went to get the bus into town because I didn’t know what to do, and my mum begging me not to get a bike because although I’ve been cycling to school for much of my life, I’m still not very good with ‘real roads’.

Because of this, Bristol feels like a huge, giant city to me, and makes me feel more like a country girl than ever.  The roads terrify me, I always wait for the green man!  And just the other evening Dom laughed at me, telling me I was such a country girl as I mindlessly wondered along the middle of a car-less street.  Yesterday, I faced the public transport, serious business I know.  My destination Cribbs Causeway; a shopping centre just off the motorway outside of Bristol.  I prepared myself, I looked at a bus map before I left and made a note of which number buses I could get and headed out feeling quite confident that I knew exactly where to go and would be mooching around John Lewis before I knew it.  However, when I arrived at my three potential get-me-to-Cribbs-Causeway bus stops all of the buses were going in the wrong direction, no problem, I will cross the road.  It was a one way street.  An hour later and after a short tour of Bristol city centre and a trip to the bus station (who knew bus stations were just for buses doing longer journeys?) I found myself delightedly sat at the very front on the upper level of a double decker bus.  I enjoyed my tour of Bristol from this new angle, probably more than I should have, but again marvelled at just how much city there was, it was never ending!


I defy anyone who claims they don’t want to hang on tight to the bar and pretend to drive the bus.

I arrived.  Slightly later than planned, but that can be our secret.  Dom came and met me after work and we had a lovely evening.  We bought some birthday presents, had Nandos for dinner, killed time in Asda (resulting in magic stars, popcorn, animal biscuits and coffee) and finished off with a trip to the cinema.  ‘Now you see me’ is well worth a watch.  It’s about four magicians (the modern day, stand up kind – not those in a cloak and a pointy hat) using their tricksy knowledge to bring some fortune back to their audiences – very Robin Hood, and the best film we’ve seen in a good while.

P.S Gromit managed to find his way to Cribbs Causeway too…