We had visitors this weekend!  Mummy P, Daddy P and Mabel came to play and enjoy the heat wave with us.  This is Mabel, she likes to turn heads, is very cute and enjoys regular visits from the nice breakdown people…


They arrived Friday evening.  Dom and I jumped straight in the car after work and drove 5 miles out of the city to their lovely little campsite in a little village called Bitton which, incidentally, was where Dick King Smith was born (cue me looking for a grown up lady farmer called Sophie) and where Jane Seymour once lived, can you tell I googled it?!  We toddled off to a country pub for tea and a proper catch up where we sat outside and I ate roast vegetables in pesto with goats cheese followed by a chocolate brownie – it was delicious.

Saturday and Sunday flew by in a blur of sunshine, giggles, breakfasts out, reading maps and ice lollies.  The portable BBQ had its first lighting on Saturday night and we sat outside for hours, it was great to escape the city for a bit.  On Sunday we took a little trip out in Mabel, bets were placed on how many times we would need to be rescued by the RAC, but she kept tootling on all day.  We called at some beautifully quaint Cotswold Towns and intended to picnic in the grounds of Thornbury castle, which we soon discovered was in fact a private hotel, although only after a very inconspicuous drive through the grounds.  That explained why it was so difficult to find…. We eventually found a very-much open to the public castle grounds and joined what seemed to be much of Bristol in their afternoon picnicing, lounging in the sun and fighting over different sections of the Sunday Times (guilty).

One of our main pursuits this weekend was Gromit hunting.  There is currently a charity art exhibition called ‘Gromit Unleashed’ being held by Aardman Studios (the guys who made Wallace and Gromit) all around Bristol throughout the summer.  There are 80 giant sculptures of Gromit populating the city, all of which have all been decorated by a different artist or famous person, all in aid of Bristol Children’s Hospital.  You can collect a Gromit map to aid your Gromit hunting,  and a passport to collect stamps at certain key locations.  I am now the proud owner of both, as well as a Gromit Unleashed tea towel and travel cup.  I love them.  Here are a few of our finds from the weekend…

This is their website if you’d like to have some Gromit-related fun too: http://www.gromitunleashed.org.uk/

I am sure there will be more Gromits to follow, keep an eye out, he could be hiding anywhere!