As you have probably gathered, my boyfriend and I are living in Bristol this summer before our final year at university.  We have suddenly found ourselves in a proper-job routine, and along with summer uni work, this means that week days are work days and we only have weekends as our play days!  This week  Saturday was still a work day for me, a long one, working at the deli and then helping out at a wedding the deli was catering for.  By the time Sunday came along we were keen to escape and explore someplace new.  It was while we were in the car somewhere between the petrol station and Weston-Super-Mare that I announced my new rule for the ten weeks that we are here – ten weeks, ten new places.


So the plan was to take a nice walk on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare, a quick twenty minute trip down the motorway.  We found it easily enough and drove slowly along the front ogling at the old seaside resort town, still complete with big wheel, donkeys, screaming children and more than enough seagulls to play with them (or steal their chips).  Looking for somewhere to park we found ourselves driving past the end of the fun beach and entirely unconcerned we carried on out of town onto a quiet, twisty road which happened to have the unusual speed limit of 25mph.  After some beautiful views, and an excellent impersonation of an emergency stop from Dom as I yelled ‘FREE CAR PARK’, we found the small village of Kewstoke and a lovely part of the coastline called Sand Bay.


We walked and walked and put the whole world to rights…


…and got sandy toes to make sandy shoes!

Back in the car and a bit peckish we supposed we should stop in Weston-Super-Mare and have a look at the famous new pier.  It was as horrific as we had imagined…but definitely worth a visit to use up your two pence pieces in the slot machines – I didn’t win – and eat ice cream and chips (in that order) whilst attempting to dodge thieving seagulls.

We had a lovely trip out.  Where shall we go next week?