Today I am starting a blog.  I am going to start to tell the world about my very own little life. Towards the end of the summer I am going to be doing some work experience at a publishing house for which my writing and grammar (which can be dodgy at the best of times) needs to be on top form,  not the I’ve-not-been-at-uni-for-months rusty kind of writing that usually appears in my first essay back after the long summer break. I am hoping that writing a blog will keep me nicely ticking over.   This summer is quite an exciting first foray into a semi-grown up world where I am doing something of significance that will hopefully benefit post-university Anna, however mainly, you will find me talking about food. I love to cook and bake, it is my daily de-stress and something I like to share with people, including you on this small space of the Internet.

I am writing this very first post from a window seat in one of the many cosy coffee shops in Bristol.  Coffee shops are currently my favourite thing about this new (to me) city where my boyfriend and I arrived on Sunday to spend the next ten weeks.  There are SO MANY, I can see myself devouring many books whilst attempting to sample a coffee and cake in each new little gem I find.
My task for today was to find a gym, and buy something for dinner, neither of which I have done.  So, I am off to a Sainsbury’s I spotted down the road. I hope you might pay me another visit sometime. :)